Isabel & Ernst

What We Think Matters


Isabel is a free spirited woman who loves adventure and good eats.   Just as happy snuggling up under a warm blanket with a book by the fire as exploring new locations with her best friend Ernst, Isabel has a very unique outlook on life.  She forms her own opinions, and shares them with you here and on Instagram.  


Ernst is a grown up kid, who never fails to take joy from every moment.  If he could, he would live on the beach.  He is equally likely to be in the middle of an adventure as he is to pick up his phone, so those close to him know to leave a voicemail.  He always gets back to them.  He can be found on this website and Instagram.

Isabel Likes

Tango, Travel, Steak, American Muscle Cars, Whiskey, Tom Ford Lipstick, Strong Expresso, Champagne Truffles, Museum Days, Slip On Vans.

Isabel Dislikes

Bad Manners, Crowded Subways, Rye Bread, Chocolate Mint Nonsensical Flavors, Watery Drinks, The Phrase “Pet Peeve.”

Ernst Likes

Pistachios, Barcelona, Big Cups Of Coffee, Cuban Sandwiches With Quality Pickles, John Varvatos, Hats, Donuts, Night Walks,  Beach Bonfires.

Ernst Dislikes

Unauthentic Conversations, Trendy Pet Names, Fake Tans, Duck Faced Selfies, Fake News, Persistent Negativity, Waiting At The D.M.V.

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